What is belief and how to strengthen it? Part 2


I believe that unless and until we do not have an experience involving ourselves, we cannot strengthen our belief. The point I am trying to drive home is that, when we undergo an experience personally, the effect on our mind will be manifold times more than just knowing about it. For instance let us consider a situation where you want to strengthen your belief on your self –confidence. You have option of reading books on self-confidence or go through several articles on self confidence on the internet or you can talk to successful people or you can watch videos on YouTube on self-confidence. But I believe that it finally boils down to your own experience where you have to display self –confidence.
So let us say that you are working for an organization and your reporting manager has assigned you a very responsible job and the job involves  selecting the right person for a leadership role. Here you must  display self –confidence. In fact there is no option for you. This is where self- belief will come into the picture. You may have the right knowledge and skills but the belief in yourself will be driving factor to carry out this task. In case you begin to doubt yourself and ask questions like “Will I be able to carry out the task? Or “ Do I have the ability to select the right person for the job? If these type of questions begin to arise, then obviously  you need to work on your self-belief. If your reporting manager has assigned the task, then one thing is certain that he or she believes that you are the right person for the job. There is no doubt as far as the manager is concerned.
So in this scenario what must you do? I believe that the answer is just having one positive experience which can be used later as a reference. It is just a matter of doing it once correctly and then one can begin to build self-confidence gradually . So what one can do is to just keep that end in mind that”I need to do it right once .” When the thing has been done properly once and it has yielded positive results, this can be used as a reference point or a launching pad to keep strengthening self –belief. Once a small amount of belief begins to take place, small amount of potential will begin to be tapped. As we go on,  your belief will be slightly more and the slightly more potential will be tapped. This is a never ending process which will result in tapping more and more of your potential and will also strengthen your belief.
So now the question is how to develop your predominant thought to be in sync with whatever you want in life.

To be continued......

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