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What is Life - Part 2

  Moving forward from part 1, I would like to continue this analogy of using metaphors to explain about life. The reason for using metaphors is , it would be easy to understand and also very quick to relate to and contemplate about it   Now I would like to compare life with a student’s life. A student spends his life accumulating, assimilating knowledge during the formative years. As we all know each student gets exposed to various subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Science, Language etc. Nowadays schools also have lot of extra-curricular activities , industrial visits etc. There are also certain practical classes like laboratory sessions, where the student needs to experiment certain learnt concepts. So now you must be wondering what has this got to do with life. The answer is as follows:   Just like the different subjects in the school we also experience different situations in life. In a school, the only difference is there is a teacher who comes and explains the subject, whereas

What is Life - Part 1

  This is a question which keeps pondering in my mind and I am sure in your mind as well! There are lot of definitions or meanings or concepts or ideas or perceptions about life. I think that “what life is” is purely subjective. Each person will have their own point of view. So, I do not think we can zero in on one particular definition for what life is. I would like to go ahead and use certain analogies for what life is. I would like to use certain metaphors for life. So the first metaphor , I always love to go ahead is comparing life to a Television channel or you can consider YouTube. I also mentioned about YouTube because that is a platform where majority of the people use and it is very trending in this time and age. So how can you compare life to YouTube? Whenever you watch any Television channel or YouTube , you have the liberty to choose or select whichever channel you want to, right? If you are having a Television   which is having only one channel, like the olden days,

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Visible versus Invisible

Have we anytime wondered about the invisible forces which affect us so much more than the visible forces or reasons which we can see or hear or touch or feel or taste. What I mean to say is those forces which are visible and those which are not visible. Some of the visible forces are wind, water, air, heat, cold, rain etc. But have we anytime sat and thought about forces like beliefs, happiness, joy, fulfilment, satisfaction, sadness, frustration, anger etc   which are nothing but human emotions . There are other invisible forces like electricity, gravity, music, smell, taste also which exist. My point is if you compare the visible and invisible forces in the universe, more often than not the invisible forces are much more powerful than the invisible forces. Isn’t it? Let us consider the attitude which also falls under invisible forces but it is displayed or exhibited through our behaviour. If you carefully analyse what attitude actually is, we can say that most part of the attitud

Human Treasure Part 5


How to use Emotions Effectively Part 2

  Now let us understand the significance of emotions in our life. I think each and every action we take in our life is because directly or indirectly we are trying to fulfill certain emotions. In fact it happens so fast that we do not realize that this is happening in the background of our subconscious mind. Let us take an instance from our daily life and analyse. I would like to take an instance of buying clothes. Why do we buy clothes. I am sure you will say “Obviously it is one of the basic necessity and to protect ourselves”. If that were the case we could have just covered ourselves(like they used to do during the primitive age of human civilization) with some leaves or a sack. But we buy a particular clothing, a particular brand, sometimes we buy only branded and sometimes higher end brands. Why do we do so? Have we anytime sat and thought about it. If it was all about covering ourselves, any piece of cloth would have sufficed. But in reality, it is not so. If we carefully anal

How to use Emotion Effectively -Part 1

  We all want to be successful. For some, success means having lot of money,   for some it may be having lot of property, for some it may be having a good secured job,   for some it may be having an own business, for some it may be having good health,   for some it may be having good family and friends and so on and so forth. Success is purely subjective. But I came across a very meaningful definition of success in one of the articles and it said that "Success is a progressive realization of your dreams". I was really impressed with this definition, particularly the word" progressive" , which means that success must not be treated as a destination   and it is always progressive, as in, it is an ongoing process. I believe that it is always a journey and only when you enjoy the journey, you will be happy and fulfilled in life. Otherwise every day you will be bored, frustrated and waiting for the journey to end, without knowing that, there is in fact, no destination as