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Latest generation Lifestyle

  x It is my opinion and I would like to say that the lifestyle most of us are leading a lifestyle which is mostly dependent on other's perception about us. Right from the career we choose, to the clothes we wear are so much dependent on other's   opinion.   Just look at it. Let us consider the choice of a vehicle we want to purchase. Frankly speaking the main purpose of buying a vehicle is to make it helpful for us to move from one place to another.   Isn't it? But we focus more on the brand of the vehicle because if we buy a vehicle which is not trending then we will begin to feel that we may not be accepted. Let us say one wants to buy a car and his or her budget is around 4 to 5 lakhs. Let us say the person decides to buy an Alto car. But immediately right from the spouse, parents, relatives and friend’s perception begins to take an upper hand rather than the actual necessity. So the person is in a dilemma and begins to feel a sense of obligation to buy a higher end

Harnessing the vibrant energy in youth towards constructive activities: Part 2

  Moving on from the first part, I would like to continue about how   the youth’s potential is getting wasted. People   have tagged certain professions such as Engineering. Medicine, Lawyer, Chartered Accountants, as the only profession which can give you respect in society. Some parents go to the extent of harassing their children to choose one of the mentioned professions. Isn’t this such a shame on us? I believe that God or whatever you call it, has made this world with something called unity in diversity. One must always consider any profession with equal respect. There is no profession in this world, which does not add value to society. Let us consider some professions like housekeeping. Just imagine nobody took up housekeeping. Imagine the state of affairs when you have a hotel and there is nobody to clean. The place will be full of mess and nobody will even think of entering it, even though it may be a 5 star or 7 star hotel. Now let us consider a driver’s profession. Imagine