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What is belief and how to strengthen it? Part1

  Let us first understand what exactly is belief all about. So what is belief? I consider belief is all about a feeling that this is what it is , as in , a feeling of surity or assurance . Let me explain this with an example. Let us say a Person A has a belief that life is full of problems. For “A” life will always appear as a series of problems because that is his innate belief. Another person believes that life is very simple, obviously life will appear as simple for “B”. One point to be noted here is, whatever the belief exists in a person, the person will act according to it. So for “A” whatever happens whether good or bad, life will appear as a problem because that is what is reality for “A”. On the contrary, if something drastic happens in the life of “B”, he or she will interpret it always as simple. B will perceive that drastic thing as something inevitable in life and is very simple to overcome. So here one can clearly notice the difference in the approach of “A” and “B” . It