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Harnessing the vibrant energy in youth towards constructive activities: Part 1

  x I believe that each and every human being possesses immense potential and this is unique to every human. The saddest part is we neither are aware of our own talent nor do we try to understand the hidden talent in us. Very few realize this and go on to become the great achievers in life and history stands a testimony to this. I strongly feel that this tapping our potential must happen at a very young age, particularly in the formative years when we have not yet reached adulthood. India is one country which has got the best demographic dividend , as in, the number of people who are below the age of 35 is very high. This is a very good news at one end and at the same time bad news at another end. The good news is that with so many youngsters in our country, we can make use of the talent together and create an amazing country. The bad news is , although our country is bubbling with so many youngsters, their mind has completely filled with unnecessary and unwanted stuff. I think

Why training is important?

  To answer the why training is important, first we must understand the nature of the human mind. If you have observed the nature of the mind is to go towards things which gives pleasure. Whether we call it pleasure or instant gratification or temporary happiness is purely subjective. Generally the mind will always go towards and run away from painful situations. It is also observed that another aspect of the mind is if certain thing is done repeatedly , the mind begins to accept that as the truth. For instance if you keep feeding mind that life is full of negativity and problems, by continuously feeding it through social media, television a, books, it will begin to accept it as the truth. Likewise, the same mind if fed with only positivity through social media, books and having interactions with optimistic people, the mind will begin to accept that life is full of positivity and possibilities. So the bottom line is whatever you feed the mind and if done repeatedly several times, the m

What is Life - Part 3

  I would like to continue my comparison of life with another metaphor. This time I would like to compare with a vehicle. By vehicle, I mean it can be a two-wheeler, three wheeler , four wheeler any vehicle in which a human can travel from point A to point B. Let me consider a four wheeler. Now the body of the four wheeler can be compared to the human body. The driver of the vehicle is like the soul of the body. Just like the driver and the vehicle are different, similarly the soul and the body are different. However the vehicle is used to move from one point to the other. Similarly we can consider life as a journey and move from place to place. Now let us see how a vehicle can be compared to life in more depth. As I said, the body of the vehicle is like our human body. The steering of the vehicle can be rotated as per our desire, following which the vehicle tends to   move in that direction. Similarly, our intellect is like the steering. Based on what decisions the intellect makes