Harnessing the vibrant energy in youth towards constructive activities: Part 1



I believe that each and every human being possesses immense potential and this is unique to every human. The saddest part is we neither are aware of our own talent nor do we try to understand the hidden talent in us. Very few realize this and go on to become the great achievers in life and history stands a testimony to this.

I strongly feel that this tapping our potential must happen at a very young age, particularly in the formative years when we have not yet reached adulthood.

India is one country which has got the best demographic dividend , as in, the number of people who are below the age of 35 is very high. This is a very good news at one end and at the same time bad news at another end. The good news is that with so many youngsters in our country, we can make use of the talent together and create an amazing country. The bad news is , although our country is bubbling with so many youngsters, their mind has completely filled with unnecessary and unwanted stuff.

I think that there needs to a revolutionary move in the education system to make it mandatory to include the topic of “educating the mind”. Unless this is taken seriously, all our young and talented energy will go for a waste. I think the entire education system needs to changed drastically. I think that there must be at least one session every week on “sex education” from Class 5 . If this happens , then students will understand about this aspect of life gradually, rather than acquiring information from peers or other media. In our country India , the moment anyone begins to utter the word “sex” people are not comfortable. I consider education is not restricted to knowing only science, mathematics, history etc, but it is also about overall development of an individual. Educating a child about sex is very essential instead of tagging it as a taboo. I have observed that the more you try, not to speak about sex, the more the curiosity gets aroused in an individual. When adults begin to educate children that sex is a part of life and treat it as an integral part of life, children will begin to perceive it as a normal act. Unfortunately, off late we have been witnessing to several crimes committed against particularly women. I think one of the major reasons is, the culprits of such crimes, either were not educated about sex in a proper manner, or were exposed to things, which were not supposed to be seen.

Let me express my point of view about a point which is another reason why we are witnessing a huge number of youth committing such heinous crimes. According to me, the main culprit is the easy accessibility to Internet . Now any Tom, Dick or Harry can access adult sites by a few clicks on the mobile, which is having internet connectivity. Imagine a person who has never ever been educated about sex and has no idea about what it is, begins to watch pornography, just think how it may affect the person. For a very young person, without having exposed to sex education , watching pornography will immensely heighten the curiosity . The person owing to the age will not be matured enough to understand that this is just a fantasy world, where whatever is being depicted is not at all realistic in life. Pornography is just a huge money making business. Unfortunately at such a tender age , the person will get tempted to try it on people. I am not saying all the male popu;lation will get affected. However, some of them may not be emotionally matured to understand and these are the people who go on to commit heinous crimes. I would like to make one point clear here, that I am neve,r for a second blaming all the crimes against women, to pornography. What I am trying to say is, pornography is definitely one of the powerful influencers. The reason is very obvious here. We all know that video has a very huge impact on the mind. So according to me there are few  solutions to this problem:

1.       Include sex education in schools, so that by the time the students reach maturity they will understand that it is just part of life.  Here care must be taken to educate the child very methodically.

2.       Porn sites must be banned or the Government must make it inaccessible to the general public.

3.       Parents whenever possible must openly discuss about it and must constantly guide their children.

4.       Most importantly I think students must be educated to respect fellow human being particularly girls

On one hand we talk about India being a very spiritually oriented country and also worship Goddesses and on the other hand we witness such heinous crimes against women. I am not condemning any religion or spiritual teachers or Gurus, but I think that lot of emphasis must be given to respect women. Be it any religious discourse, if the Gurus are able to address this issue about respecting women , I think it may have an impact on people.

I would like to point out another factor which may help in eradicating the “easy go attitude” of young men in particular. If the judiciary system in India becomes very strict and is able to punish the guilty immediately, at least people will think twice before committing crimes. Unfortunately in India because of our weak judicial system people think that they can walk away scot free without being caught.


Firstly, I would like to say that we must educate our youth so that youngest country in the world can harness the powerful energy of the youth in the right direction which will augur well for India. Secondly parents must talk about sex at home so that children begin to understand that it is part of life. Thirdly the judicial system needs to be far more stricter  by meting out severest punishments to the culprits, which will create a precedence to everyone that you just cannot walk away scot free.

Dinkar Jagadish Rao,

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