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It is my opinion and I would like to say that the lifestyle most of us are leading a lifestyle which is mostly dependent on other's perception about us.

Right from the career we choose, to the clothes we wear are so much dependent on other's  opinion.  Just look at it. Let us consider the choice of a vehicle we want to purchase. Frankly speaking the main purpose of buying a vehicle is to make it helpful for us to move from one place to another.  Isn't it? But we focus more on the brand of the vehicle because if we buy a vehicle which is not trending then we will begin to feel that we may not be accepted. Let us say one wants to buy a car and his or her budget is around 4 to 5 lakhs. Let us say the person decides to buy an Alto car. But immediately right from the spouse, parents, relatives and friend’s perception begins to take an upper hand rather than the actual necessity. So the person is in a dilemma and begins to feel a sense of obligation to buy a higher end car. Inevitably the person will rather go for a car loan and buy a higher end car than going for an economically viable solution.

Now let us consider the choice of purchasing a dress. Here also the same kind of thought process happens and will end up buying a costlier dress rather than going for an economically viable dress. The reason is again the same. The person feels that he or she may not be accepted if they buy a dress which is not costly or branded.

Now let us consider purchase of a home. The same issue can be seen here too. The person will rather go for a housing loan or borrow from others and settle in a bigger or more luxurious home than a small comfortable and an economically viable home. What is the reason? Answer is same. What will people think if I purchase a smaller home.

So by looking at the above instances,  I certainly think that every decision we take to have a particular lifestyle is mostly based on other people's opinion.

So what is the solution to all this? I think the answer is right within us. It all boils down to what are your values and properties in life. What I mean to say is,  a person A, may value having fulfillment as Value number one. Another person B, may value status symbol as Value number one. Another person C, may consider pleasing others as Value number one. So it may vary from person to person. So,  one needs to deep dive into their respective value system and probably do a revamping. The point I am trying to say is we have lost touch with our inner most desires. Most of the time we are trying to go satisfy the desires of others and seek appreciation from others. Unfortunately you can never ever satisfy everyone in this world. Not only that it will begin to take a toll on your own mind and will begin to cause lot of stress.

I believe that we must just live life the way we want and never ever lead a life to please others. I am not saying that we must never care for others. We must ensure that our lifestyle must be according to our fulfillment and satisfaction. When you live a lifestyle which is in sync with your innermost desires you will start feeling a sense of satisfaction.


One must live a life which is in sync with your true and innermost desires and requirements, rather than always trying to match the opinion of others. By doing so, I definitely think that one can have peace of mind because you are living life with what you are heart says and when one listens to the heart it will always augur well for the person.

Dinkar Jagadish Rao,

Certified  Master Neuro Linguistic Trainer,
Certified First Degree Self Hynotist,
Certified Third Degree Reiki Master, 

Personality Development Trainer,

Soft Skills Trainer, Sales Trainer

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