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Most precious Gift to Human Beings

  What is the one thing which we all have in equal quantity for every human being? Can you guess what it is? Most of us have not understood the importance of this gift which we all possess. Very few people have realized the importance of this and they are the only ones who go on to become successful in life. The gift is the four letter word. Any guesses? is “TIME” Most of us have taken it for granted that time is already there and why to worry about it. But how many of us have realized the value of time. Only when we are faced with some catastrophe ,that is the only time we understand that why time is so important. Time is a concept which is very relative and and is particularly influenced by what emotions we are undergoing at that point in time. We have observed that when we are in good mood , time just flies very quickly and quite opposite happens when the mood is not good, the time seems like going on and on. So, I would like to say that time is linear and proportional to

Power of Passion

  Passion is all about our innermost desires or dreams or aspirations we have and it is very subjective. Some people say that passion comes from external source and some say it is purely internal. I believe it is intrinsically driven. Whenever we are in a good mood time invariably feels like it is flying and on the other hand, when our emotional mood is not good, it is quite opposite. Why does this happen?   I have experienced that whenever we are in a good state of mind , we get so much involved and immersed in the activity whatever we may be doing, that we completely lose track of the passage of time. I can relate this to the Transcendental Meditation or “Trans state”. I consider these moments as the most productive time of our life . If you can recall whenever you love what you are doing, we are not at all worried about anything else other than the activity at the moment. The activity may be just watching a movie or sport event or a drama or at a music concert or reading an ex

Focusing on Problem or Solution

  Have we anytime realized that most of us dwell discussing, thinking, worrying and sharing about all kinds of problems in our life. The problems may be related to health or wealth or society or about the pandemic. Nothing wrong in spending a few minutes thinking about the problem. I think the there must be a radical shift from the problem to solution of the problem.I believe that only 5 % to 10% of the time we need to be in the problem. The rest 90% to 95% of the time we must be taking action in solving the problem. We must analyze the problem and quickly move on to the solution. Unfortunately most of us are doing the reverse, which is 90% to 95 %, we are in the problem and hardly spend time solving it The reasons for this kind of human behavior may be because most of us like to take the easy route, which is only talking, talking and talking. When it comes to taking action, only a handful of people go forward and take action to solve the problem. I think one of the reasons for this

Applying Mind Power

When we are able to C oncentrate O n   V isualization  I n  D etail wonders begin to happen. I am mentioning Visualization about our dreams/our aspirations/our goals/about what we want in life. Where you tend to concentrate it begins to magnify.So it is important to focus on what we want rather than what we do not want. Right now the focus is on how many Covid cases are positive or how many Covid deaths..So we are constantly COVIDing (Concentrating On Visualization In Detail)on the actual Covid virus. So we need to de-focus and begin to focus on other things in life. I am not saying that we must completely avoid talking about Covid. We must be aware of what is happening around us, but not thinking about it continuously and always bothered about it. I believe that only 5% must be analyzing problem 95% must be finding solution to a problem. by Dinkar Rao Founder & Director, Dynamite Solutions