Harnessing the vibrant energy in youth towards constructive activities: Part 2


Moving on from the first part, I would like to continue about how  the youth’s potential is getting wasted. People  have tagged certain professions such as Engineering. Medicine, Lawyer, Chartered Accountants, as the only profession which can give you respect in society. Some parents go to the extent of harassing their children to choose one of the mentioned professions. Isn’t this such a shame on us?

I believe that God or whatever you call it, has made this world with something called unity in diversity. One must always consider any profession with equal respect. There is no profession in this world, which does not add value to society. Let us consider some professions like housekeeping. Just imagine nobody took up housekeeping. Imagine the state of affairs when you have a hotel and there is nobody to clean. The place will be full of mess and nobody will even think of entering it, even though it may be a 5 star or 7 star hotel. Now let us consider a driver’s profession. Imagine that nobody wants to become a driver. So all the public transport like buses, trains etc may be there, but nobody to drive it.

The point I am trying to make over here is that, whatever profession you choose in life, never ever  perceive it as low or high profession. I believe that each profession has its place and we all must respect it without discriminating it. So, I think no parent must force their child to choose a profession because they consider it as high. For all you know your kid may have a liking towards painting or drawing and he or she may go to become a well known artist. When this point is understood and lot of mental stress from the child may go away. What I think is we all must develop a culture right from young age to nurture the talent or passion or a particular hobby a child may have. This small act of encouragement from parents will no doubt go a long way in developing the person he or she wants to be.

Unfortunately nowadays I have observed that if the children do not opt for Engineering or Medicine , the parents initially begin to get tensed about the future and this will reflect in the child’s way of looking at himself or herself or at life. What will happen is that the child  may opt for the profession because of parental pressure or peer pressure but in the long run the child will never have a fulfilled life. On the other hand, if the parents or closed ones allow the child to follow his or her own passion, the probability of the child becoming very successful in life is very very high. I think this aspect must be seriously looked into.

I think that one of the major reasons for the youth to go astray or deviate from a normal life is dissatisfaction or not having the sense of fulfillment. There is a saying that “success without fulfillment is failure”. Externally it may appear that the person is very successful but when the inner fulfillment is not there there is bound to be  a sense of frustration . This frustration may slowly get accumulated and sometimes explode in the form of violent behavior, which can be seen in some places.

I consider the youth of any country are the most important part of a country’s development . The youth are the future leaders of a country. So utmost care must be taken to take care of their minds when they are at a young and tender age. In the previous article I had mentioned about how pornography is contaminating the mind of a young person. Now consider a person who has chosen a profession which is not to his liking but has chosen either because of parental pressure or peer pressure. For such a person, sooner or later there will come a stage when he or she is no more fulfilled or satisfied with the job. At this point in time the mind is seeking for fulfillment or satisfaction and when the mind detects that there is no place to go, it begins to seek for instant gratification. These kind of instant gratification is usually obtained by indulging in drugs or drinking or gambling or pornography or committing heinous crimes in certain cases. No wonder we keep witnessing so many cases of crimes or drug trafficking or human trafficking and mostly in all these cases the people involved are youth.

I think there is no point in complaining about the symptoms. The cause needs to be addressed which I have tried to do as briefly as possible. We also need to find solutions to this. I consider the following as certain viable solutions to make the youth tap in their true potential and also harness their energy on to  constructive activities in life.

1.  1.The entire education system must undergo lot of changes like including sex education in the syllabus, conduct practical workshops twice or thrice a week to determine the talent a child has. The workshops may be in the form of exposing a child to painting  or or singing classes or having pottery classes or tailoring classes or handicrafts classes or yoga classes or mediation classes or dancing classes or having public speaking classes or team building classes  or exposing them to science exhibitions or inviting a young entrepreneur regularly to instill new ideas to begin thinking like a job creator rather than a job seeker .

2. 2.Organizing visits to old age homes, hospitals , orphanages where the child can practically observe how some people are suffering and understand value of life at a young age.

3. 3.Organizing visits to military or army camps to expose a child to the discilpline, hard work and the patriotism of an army person.


I would like to reiterate the point that the youth of any country is of paramount importance and they need to be rightly dealt with. The onus is on the parents, well wishers, family,elders and the senior citizens to guide and harness the potential of our youth.

Dinkar Jagadish Rao,

Certified  Master Neuro Linguistic Trainer,
Certified First Degree Self Hynotist,
Certified Third Degree Reiki Master, 

Personality Development Trainer,

Soft Skills Trainer, Sales Trainer

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