Why training is important?


To answer the why training is important, first we must understand the nature of the human mind. If you have observed the nature of the mind is to go towards things which gives pleasure. Whether we call it pleasure or instant gratification or temporary happiness is purely subjective. Generally the mind will always go towards and run away from painful situations. It is also observed that another aspect of the mind is if certain thing is done repeatedly , the mind begins to accept that as the truth. For instance if you keep feeding mind that life is full of negativity and problems, by continuously feeding it through social media, television a, books, it will begin to accept it as the truth. Likewise, the same mind if fed with only positivity through social media, books and having interactions with optimistic people, the mind will begin to accept that life is full of positivity and possibilities. So the bottom line is whatever you feed the mind and if done repeatedly several times, the mind will accept it as real. So you must be wondering what has this got to do with importance of training. The answer will be known very shortly.

The point to be observed is the mind can be molded the way we want it to be. Just like the potter molds the mud into the desired pot ,we can mold our minds the way, we want it to be.

Now to become successful in any profession, one needs to have the right mix of attitude, knowledge, skills and finally must be able to integrate all the things into action. So the ability to take action will determine the results and obviously the success in life.

Now let us analyse the factors that determine  actions, one takes in life. The first and foremost thing is the occurrence of a thought in the mind. How does a thought occurs in the mind? The thought occurs from within. But when did this thought in the first place reside in the person? Is the thought in built? Or is it acquired from outside? The answer is over a period of time the mind has received the thought from the external sources like interaction with people or reading books or personal experiences or watching people behave. Now this period may even refer to the previous birth or births before the present birth. So this means that the reason for a thought to germinate is through external source, which may be people or books or personal experience. Now when we want ourselves or someone or some people to change a behavior, which is nothing but changing an action, we must understand that we need to work at the mind level. Without working at the mind level, no action be changed permanently. Let me demonstrate with an example. Thomas Edison, before inventing the incandescent bulb had only thought about it in his mind. Graham Bell had only thought about an instrument which can connect people, which is now called the telephone. Wright brothers had only thought about an object which could carry people in the air, which we now call as an aeroplane. The list will go on and on. The point I am trying to make is that every invention or revolution or any action before manifesting always begins with a thought in the mind. So if any desired action is expected, the place where one needs to focus and pay attention is the thoughts. This is where training comes into the picture.

Training, according to me is a repetitive process of educating the mind to develop and grow a particular thought in a constructive way. Training is nothing but educating the mind to focus on a particular thought which will take it in the desired outcome. For instance an employer wants his/her employees to be focused on taking up ownership. Now the thought is “taking ownership”. So training will make the mind focus on that thought.

Now let us assume the employer decides not to opt for training his staff on taking up ownership. By doing so, the minds of the staff is not focused. Obviously , majority of the staff will never ever take the right action on being responsible or taking up ownership. This will allow the mind to drift in all the different direction except on the thought of taking ownership. The reason for this is the mind does not want to exert pressure on itself. It will always find the easy way out. This is when training comes into the picture. Now if training is imparted and people are properly educated about the importance of taking up ownership and what all repercussions one may have to face , automatically the mind will begin to dwell on that thought.

Now we also need to observe that training is not just a once in a blue moon affair. Just like brushing our teeth is done regularly day in day out, the mind also needs to be brushed. Just like the dirt and dust accumulates on the teeth every day, our minds also tend to accumulate lot of unwanted thoughts which are very detrimental to one’s growth in life. So the brush in the form of training constantly needs to be carried out, in order to remove the unwanted thoughts. Just like the tooth paste is applied on the brush and is used to cleanse the dirt on the teeth, similarly the knowledge or skill set or attitude in the form of toothpaste is used here. Many a times we tend to feel lethargic and sometimes very bored to brush our teeth, but we hardly miss brushing our teeth, Very similarly, training sometimes may appear to be very boring or very mechanical, but if you sit back and analyse it is the trainings which develops the thoughts in us which will propel us to take the right action to be successful in life.

Training may be, to get more sales or may be to improve communication skills or to instil confidence within or to improve English speaking skills or to improve interview facing skills etc, whatever the outcome of a training, one thing is guaranteed that training always deals the roots. What I meant to say is, training will always deal with the human mind which is the root cause of any action to be taken in the future.


I would like to tell that training is like a GPS which will guide us to use the right route to our goals. Now the question may arise that all the successful people in the world did not undergo any training. The answer to this point is that although they directly did not undergo any training from anyone , they got trained by life itself in the form of experiences. Finally I would like to mention one point that next time when you hear the word training just think once more about the value, training provides you and how it affects the mind and eventually how it affects our actions.

Dinkar Jagadish Rao,

Certified  Master Neuro Linguistic Trainer,
Certified First Degree Self Hynotist,
Certified Third Degree Reiki Master, 

Personality Development Trainer,

Soft Skills Trainer, Sales Trainer

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